building ventures for venture building



A guide on managing venture builders and creating excelent startups in high-focused verticals.

From recruiting to series A, a step-by-step guide on channeling innovation by becoming an outstanding CEO of CEOs.

Entrepreneurs, corporates and investors work better as a team.

Smart people from all sort of positions are arriving to a very similar conclusion: venture building. This is a way of channeling innovation that outruns traditional startups. By combining the passion of entrepreneurs, the technological ability of corporates, the access to talent of universities and the financial muscle of investor, the startups created by venture builders ara simply more successful from scratch.

Work like an entrepreneur. Think like a corporate. Fund like a venture capitalist.

The guide for those who channel innovation

Building Ventures


By industrializing innovation, venture builders are changing the way new startups and products are created. However, running these organizations requires a lot of genious, talent and effort at the top. The managing team of a venture building must identify business ideas, build teams, find capital, provide shared services and help govern or manage the startups. Indeed, the venture builder becomes the key cofounder of the startup.

This creates an urgency for a successful framework that helps the venture builders avoid mistakes and reduce uncertainty; by becoming more efficient at running companies, more creative, more insightful and more capable of leading and inspiring co-founders.


Table of contents



The method in the madness

Venture building is industrializing something that used to be more art than science. It’s demystifying creative processes, and empowering organizations and individuals to build new value from the ground up in a systematic way. What used to be anecdotal is, in the age of disruption, a set of core competencies no organization can afford to disregard.

With that in mind, we created a comprehensible and felxible method for different types of venture builders that offers a visual template for creating, leading and scaling startups.


Resources, templates and formulas

We have gathered the best materials deployed by the best venture builders to form a curated selection of resources to help you manage and scale your organization. These resources include everything from the Founders Agreement to the NDAs for the interns, including pitching materials and financial spreadsheets.

Everything you need to reduce the inherent chaos of startups and help your CEOs perform with excellence in every aspect, from writing emails to organizing their folders.

Systematic design in new spaces will lead to better ways for coming up with innovative value propositions.


Building ventures

If you build meaningful things, you will find talent that shares the same purpose. Systematic design in new spaces will lead to better ways for coming up with innovative value propositions.

Corporations are trying to figure out how to become the source of innovation that startups are today. The 21st century has brought new challenges to the corporate world. It’s no more about grabbing a bigger piece of the pie, but about creating a new pie. In other words, it’s about creating new value.